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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
San Francisco/Sacramento, California
Acme Fun Factory

Acme Fun Factory

The Kids are on the Loose!

Ever wonder where all this fun is coming from? They must make it somewhere. You’re about to find out at the Acme Fun Factory, world headquarters for the production of fun. All your favorite Looney Tunes characters are waiting to greet you at this giant two-story play place just for kids.
There are plenty of activities for your little tots to explore, climb on, slide down, jump up, and navigate! There are slides to whoosh down and plenty of smiles to go around. This professional play zone is also loaded with canons that shoot foam balls. All around are soft foam balls to throw, tunnels to crawl through, swinging obstacles to dodge, and most importantly, room to just run around and be a kid.

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Looney Tunes Seaport


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