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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
San Francisco/Sacramento, California
Nairobi's Lookout Balloons
Nairobi's Lookout Balloons

Nairobi’s Look Out Balloons

The Higher You Float, the Better the View!

Ready to fly a little higher in the sky? Then drift off in one of Nairobi’s hot air balloons! This is a spinning, floating balloon ride for tykes who enjoy a little air time!

Pick out your favorite hot air balloon and climb inside for a bird’s eye view and a super fun voyage through the skies over Tava’s Jungleland. You’ll rise up about 15 feet, like you’re the pilot of a real hot air balloon. The wind pushes you around in a frisky circular flow as you float round and round. But your little pilots can simulate a gusty, stormy sky by twisting the center wheel and making the ride a little wilder.

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Kids Ride
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Tava's Jungleland

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