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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
San Francisco/Sacramento, California
Rock Climbing Wall

Rock Wall Climbing Challenge

You’re Born with All the Tools You Need to Climb!

Free climbing a sheer face of rock with nothing but your hands is one of the most challenging sports you can try. It requires physical strength, intuition, mental focus, and most importantly, an intense amount of bravery. Now you can find out exactly what it feels like to scale up a mountain wall.

You will be blown away by how tall this rock is when you stand next to it. You’d have to be crazy to try to climb up that. But ask any professional climber why they climb the mountain, and they’ll all tell you, there is no greater thrill than hanging onto the side of a rock face with just your hands, hugging the rock. This must have been the original thrill ride, and now you can try it on an ultra-realistic 45-foot slab of jagged stone.

A safety harness is there to give you the courage you need to face this incredible challenge. But no harness climbs a mountain on its own—the power, the focus, and the guts all come from you. One hand over another, one foothold at a time, you’ll ascend the rocky wall, finding your own handholds and footholds as you make your progress up towards the sky. Your friends will be stunned as you get higher and higher up the rock.

Take your time. You can do it. When you get to the top you’ll know you conquered that mountain. Next stop: Everest.

Additional fee required.

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Sky attraction near Medusa, Kong, and SkyScreamer

Additional Fee Required

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