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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
San Francisco/Sacramento, California

Thrilla Gorilla

It takes Brave Thrill Seekers to Stand Up to this Big Ape!

The Thrilla Gorilla is not just any big ape, and let's just say, you won't want to mess with him! When you see the Thrilla Gorilla, you'll know that thrill seekers are near!

This gigantic, ominous-looking gorilla is there to greet you with teeth bared. That's Thrilla Gorillal himself, and he's welcoming you to his very own creation - a wildly disorienting spin ride that will scare even the bravest thrill seekers. Climb aboard!

It's right about now that you will notice Thrilla clutching each rider car in the strong fingers of one of his enormous hands! Yes, you'll be seated in the hand of this gorilla on this fast-paced spinner with a jungle twist!

Around you go on the circular track, with an intense wavy motion added to double your thrills. He is circling so fast, you'll be stuck to your seat. From now on when you see that gorilla, you'll know it means a Thrilla of a good time!

Terror has taken place in this circular habitat of a beast. No longer content to be just a Great ape thrilling innocent spectators and the like; we now face the Beast Within.

Hungry and angry, the Beast Within is bound to swallow anyone he encounters, whole. Not a pretty sight, but certainly a great satisfaction for the beast to get his fill of YOU.

The Beast Within

Not Open Yet

Thrill Level

Minimum Height

48" unless accompanied by an adult
Location in Park: 

By Lakeside Pavillion

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