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Six Flags Fiesta Texas
Six Flags Fiesta Texas
San Antonio, Texas

Crow’s Nest

See the Boardwalk the Way the Birds Do.

No matter how many times you’ve been to Six Flags Fiesta Texas, and no matter how many giant coasters you’ve mastered, you’ll always have a special place in your heart for the classics. Come on down to the Fiesta Bay Boardwalk, where incredible memories are made on this timeless attraction, an enormous 90-foot tall Ferris wheel.

Climb into one of the brightly-colored, gently rocking, covered gondolas. They’re roomy enough for your whole crew to join in. Then when the Ferris wheel starts to turn, you’ll rise to the top of the world. At 90 feet, you will rise high over the park and be able to see for miles in every direction.

And the views of the park’s famous quarry walls are just tremendous. And just wait until you see it at night, when a dazzling light show adds to the timeless magic of the Boardwalk skyline.

In this part of Texas, the convoluted surfaces of some of our rides are unfortunately an attractive nesting place for insects.

The Crow’s Nest Ferris Wheel in particular is a favorite for legions of known, and unknown, species – flying, crawling, and creeping.

No spray can help. No ointment provides relief. Even vaccines are ineffective. Mutations of bulbous spiders, bloodthirsty mosquitoes, insatiable flies, and incredibly malevolent, multi-legged insects of all varieties are on the loose.

Large chunks of flesh are ripped from every exposed area. These insect invaders target open mouths, fly into nostrils, and burrow into ears, sucking the life out of their victims, while devouring internal organs.

This year, great care has been taken to eliminate the pests. Ever stronger insecticides are required but, over time, these slimy, sucking, slurping bugs develop immunity. They thrive and grow larger, more aggressive, and more deadly. Though we can’t close this ride, we advise everyone to stay away from it. The main attraction now is from insect to guest.

Warning: This ride is not recommended for anyone allergic to insect bites. We also caution anyone who has fears or concerns about being devoured alive by bugs.

The minimum height requirement for Crow’s Nest is 42″.

What Our Guests Say

  • "We enjoyed our ride around four rotations without having to stop for loading and unloading."
    - Wyatt From Fort Worth
  • "The Ferris Wheel was amazing. The views, along with the lights at night made the ride absolutely breathtaking. Very romantic. Loved it!"
    - Jess G. From San Antonio, Tx
  • "The Crow's Nest is a great way to relax, and the breeze is welcomed in the heat!"
    - Antoinette H.
  • "A beautiful classic ride that offers a breathtaking view overlooking the park."
    - Damien S From Palm Bay, Fl
  • "Crows Nest Ferris Wheel was the cherry on top for a well planned out board walk theme for an amusement park! It had an incredible view after a long day of walking and riding rides...perfect!"
    - Jennifer M From Del Rio, Tx
Crow's Nest Infested
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

42" to ride alone. No lap children.
Location in Park: 

Fiesta Bay Boardwalk

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