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Six Flags Fiesta Texas
Six Flags Fiesta Texas
San Antonio, Texas

Gully Washer

Splash and Dash Your Raft on the Wild Country River.

Gear up for the ultimate white-water rafting experience, on a fast-paced country river cutting right through the heart of Crackaxle Canyon! You and your team of 12 riders will launch into a wet wilderness adventure.

This is no casual lazy float down the river. Strap into your full-scale round river raft and set loose into the raging downstream flow, where wildly unpredictable currents will toss you around without warning, and treacherous waterfalls will rain down on your head.

You’ll wind through dense country foliage, past clapboard river homes and under railroad bridges. You’ll even get a great look at the all-wooden country contraption, the Iron Rattler! But the currents are in charge as you are swung wildly around rocks and into swirling whirlpools, blasted with water from all directions. You’ll also have to avoid the water cannons placed strategically along your route, as crafty river residents (other park guests) do their best to blast you!

Swooshing swiftly down the river at 10 miles per hour you will definitely get splashed, and if you are unlucky — or lucky, depending on how hot it is that day — you might even get completely drenched. But half the fun is seeing who’ll be the water’s next victim! White water waves come crashing over the raft! White water waves come crashing over the raft as your boat spins and dips down the wild river. With a little luck the current will spin you around in the nick of time, right before you hit that next patch of rapids.

Will you get dunked? Just hang on tight and don’t plan on staying dry!


What Our Guests Say

  • "My granddaughter is 4 and she loves the gully washer. Every time we get on she looks at the other riders with this big grin, points her finger and says "Somebody's gonna get wet!" :)"
    - Stephen S.
  • "I loved the amount of places there were to be splashed."
    - Rodney H. From Houston
  • "Its like riding a boat on the Colorado River, with lots of bumps and splashes."
    - Nato B
  • "Great job with dying water red for the Fright Fest! Awesome touch!"
    - Vlad Z. From Houston, Tx
  • "It was great fun. Just enough of scaring to be an enjoyable thrill for all ages."
    - Lynn B At Ardmore,oklahoma
Family Ride
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

36" with adult
42" to ride alone
Location in Park: 

Crackaxle Canyon


Will Get a Little Wet
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