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Six Flags Fiesta Texas
Six Flags Fiesta Texas
San Antonio, Texas

Wave Runner

Come Down to the Boardwalk for a Lesson in Spin!

Are you ready to get your mind scrambled? Well relax, spin fiends, because the Wave Runner will spin you round and round, and then it’ll put a spin on the spin!

This classic scrambler is designed to whirl and gyrate you into a dizzy-making frenzy. Take a look around as you pile into one of the sleek silver two-person cars clustered right on the boardwalk. The neighborhood still looks normal, right? But once we give the whole contraption a twist, your vision will start to scramble! You’re circling around the middle while the other riders circle around you—you’ll get wobbly just thinking about it.

The world rushes at you from all directions, zooming forward while you contort around the center in a whirlwind of heavy duty swerves. The faster the spin, the harder you’ll be pressed to the sides of the car. So in other words, prepare to be smooshed! You’ll feel like you’ve been thrown in a blender—mixed up, swirled around, and scrambled by the Wave Runner. Just don’t expect to be able to walk in a straight line for a little while.

What Our Guests Say

  • "The Wave Runner is my family's favorite Six Flags Fiesta Texas ride. We can all ride it together and we love it."
    - April M. - San Antonio, Tx
  • "The spinning and speed just make it wonderful."
    - Philip B. From San Antonio, Tx
  • "It was scary and fun at the same time. I did not know if I should yell or laugh."
    - Sergio From Palmiew Texas
  • "I remembered this thrill ride as a kid, and how fun it was to ride with my friends-- and try not to squish each other! I now know as a Grandma, it is even more FUN to sit with the grand-kiddos and watch them TRY not to squish granny!! What a fun family experience we had on my birthday! Thanks."
    - Karah R. From Round Rock, Tx
  • "The Wave Runner was a blast!! Getting squished by my mother-in-law was absolutely hilarious."
    - Emily E. From San Antonio, Tx
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

36" with adult
48" to ride alone
Location in Park: 

Fiesta Bay Boardwalk

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