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Buy Now Pay Later FAQs

Buy Now, Pay Later Season Pass Payment Program

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Buy Now, Pay Later payment plan?

It's a deferred billing program where you can buy Season Passes now and pay nothing until March 1. It's a simple payment program designed to make Season Passes fit easily into anyone's budget. Buy your Season Passes online by January 2, 2017 and your credit card will be charged on March 1, 2017. Please note Buy Now, Pay Later is only available at select parks.

Are there any extra charges connected to Buy Now, Pay Later?

There's a regular processing fee for online orders, but no interest fees for the Buy Now, Pay Later payment plan.

I just printed vouchers for my Buy Now, Pay Later Season Pass purchase. When will my credit card be billed?

Your credit card will be charged on March 1, 2017.

Can I pay off my purchase early?

Yes, you may visit sixflags.com/payments to pay the full amount. Early payment must be made no later than February 27, 2017 to ensure that it is processed prior to March 1, 2017.

Is there somebody at the park who can help me with my Season Pass account?

Since most parks are now closed for the season, we ask that you contact Six Flags Ticketing Support at (407) 261-4290. You will need to know the last four digits of your credit card, billing zip code, phone number and order number.

What if I need to change credit cards or my credit card is lost or stolen?

Contact us right away at sixflags.com/payments. You can change the credit card number on your account.

I received a notice that the payment for my Buy Now, Pay Later Season Passes was not able to go through. What should I do?

Please update your payment information right away at sixflags.com/payments.

What happens if I do not resolve payment for my Season Passes?

Here are the legal details. Bottom line, please do everything you can to resolve the payment quickly — we really want you to be able to enjoy your Season Pass. If the charge doesn't go through, your Season Passes will be immediately suspended and you may be refused admission to the Park until the remaining balance is paid. If funds available through your credit card account are not sufficient to cover payment when due, you are responsible for providing Six Flags or holder access to another credit card account or to pay the full amount due. If you fail to make payment within seven (7) days or more, at the sole discretion of Six Flags, you will be charged the cost of collecting the outstanding debt, including reasonable attorneys' fees and court costs. This includes a late fee of $5 per Season Pass included in the order. California residents may be assessed a late fee of up to $10 if they are 10 days late, up to $15 if they are 10 to 15 days late and may also be subject to a delinquency charge if they fail to notify Six Flags of any change of address or to communicate with Six Flags 45 days after failure to make a payment).

Please note that you will not permitted to contract for additional Easy Payment accounts or Six Flags Membership accounts if your balance under this contract is past due, and that ANY payments made by you to Six Flags may be used by Six Flags to settle past due balances under this contract before applying the payments to other sales transactions. Any debt collection agency or attorney hired by Six Flags may contact you by mail, phone or email in an effort to recover the unpaid portion of your obligation.

May I cancel my Buy Now, Pay Later payment?

The order cannot be cancelled after it is placed. Purchases are non-refundable. Your credit card will be charged on March 1, 2017.

Is my Season Pass or Buy Now, Pay Later payment transferable?

Purchases and Season Passes are non-transferable.

If I buy other items along with my Season Passes, can I pay for them on March 1 also?

Season Passes can have deferred payment until March 1, 2017. Season Parking may also be deferred if it is purchased in the same order as deferred Season Passes. Any other items in the online order must be paid at check-out.

Can I use my Season Pass at other parks?

For Six Flags Theme Park Season Passes, your Season Pass ID can be used at 13 Six Flags Theme Parks after the pass is paid in full and your ID is processed at your "home" park. A Season Pass voucher will not be accepted for admission at other parks. Season Pass ID's can be processed at your “home” park when it opens in the spring. Separate-gate water park Season Passes may not be used at other parks.

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