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Online Store Error Code 110

Error Code 110 is a online transaction failure message that can be displayed due to the following: (1) Guest might have answered incorrectly to one of the personal security questions or (2) Made too many purchases with the same email address or (3) Incorrectly entered one of the billing fields.

If you feel you have entered the correct address exactly as it is on file with your bank or credit card company, here are some suggestions that may help our system verify your record. Please note that we cannot guarantee that this will allow your transaction to be approved.

PO Box addresses (Example: P.O. Box 123)
Enter as: POB 123

Or, Enter only the Box #: 123

Directional street address (Example: North Main St)
Enter only one word of the street name (Enter as: Main)

Street address includes two or more words (Example: 123 Pine Song Dr)
Enter only the numerical portion of the address (Enter as: 123)

County Roads, Rural Routes, State Roads (Example: 123 SR 46)
Enter only the numerical portion of the address (Enter as : 123)

Street name that is numerical (Example: 123 34th St)
Spell out the street name (Enter as: 123 Thirty Fourth St. (34th St.)

Address with an apartment number (Example: 123 Main St. Apartment 3B)
Do not include the apartment number (Enter as: 123 Main St.)

If you continue to receive an Error Code 102 stating that your billing address does not match:
Try a different credit card not affiliated with that account

Check with your bank to confirm they have the correct address on file

If you are still unable to make a purchase, we apologize for the inconvenience. The address verification process varies by bank and credit card company and is not in the control of the online store. These security measures are for your protection and cannot be changed or modified.

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