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Bonzai Pipelines

Bonzai Pipelines

Launch Like a Torpedo From 75-Feet Up!

On your day at Hurricane Harbor, you’ve already mastered some of the most thrilling water slides in the world.  Have you got the courage to go to the next level?  Bonzai Pipelines will take you to your limit… and beyond.  This truly innovative body slide adventure will require intense bravery, and a professional dedication to having fun. 

Check out the 6 individual looping body slides as you make the 75-foot climb to the top.  Each slide is completely unique – and completely terrifying!  Because guess what, this won’t be as easy as just sitting on the edge of the slide and simply whooshing away.

Your body gets sealed into one of 6 see-thru “Drenaline Drop” launcher capsules, as you stand precariously on a trap door below your feet.  In one crazy instant, the trap door opens and you’ll literally fall right through the floor and into the slide.  How’s that for a surprise? 

Now let gravity do all the work.  You’re about to race through 257-feet of ultra-slick tube slide action that will hurtle your body in every conceivable direction on the way back down to planet Earth.  You’ll face a gut-wrenching freefall at 40 mph, then take sudden twists and high-banking turns like a rocket.  Try to hang on during the full 360 loop… oh yeah, there’s nothing to hang onto.  Some brave adventurers have been known to shout “Bonzai!” when they get to the bottom, while some are having too much fun to remember how to speak.

By The Numbers

Year Introduced
Top Speed
40 MPH
76 Feet
257 Feet

Closed for the Season

Water Park Ride
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

84" maximum
Location in Park: 

Hurricane Harbor

Need a Swimsuit
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