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Six Flags New England
Six Flags New England
Thrill Capital of New England


Take a Not-So-Relaxing Vacation in the Islands!

The thatched-roof hut on the beach might look like paradise, but this tropical spinner has something else in mind. You’ll be at the mercy of mighty island winds on this gut-cranking spin coaster. The beautiful murals of Polynesian paradise set the scene for balmy adventure, but those tropical storms can kick up without warning and send you zooming around. Giant green arms grab onto each car of the long train that’s surrounding paradise on a short circular track.

Well, they must be running a special on hula lessons today, because all of a sudden the whole train begins to travel round and round the center track, making your whole body wave about! The world zooms past you in a blur of lights and palm trees.

Hang onto your seat for the centrifugal spin of a lifetime! You’ll accelerate to a mind-scrambling speed, moving so fast you’ll be stuck to the chair, or to your friend sitting right next to you, whichever comes first. Next time, wear a grass skirt!

A long time ago in a not-so-distant wood, a small boy lost himself amongst a labyrinth of branches and brambles.

As he traveled deeper into the darkening thicket, he began to realize three things:

  1. He was very, very hungry, and very, very thirsty.
  2. He was walking in circles, but nothing looked familiar.
  3. He was not alone.

He considered turning back, but he was certain that he was almost out of the woods.

He was dead wrong.

As he walked, the path grew tighter, and walls of branches seemed to grow on both sides of him, sprouting cascading ropes of thorns and ivy that pricked and pulled at his skin. In a state of dread, the boy began to run. He ran and ran and ran, his pulse growing faster, filling his ears with a loud, percussive BOOM.Suddenly, he found himself standing in a circular patch of salted earth. In the middle stood a woman covered from head to toe with dirt and tattered rags. Her long yellow fingernails curled at their tips, and her gray hair lay matted against her shoulders. After a moment, the boy recalled an old urban legend about the Voodoo Priestess of Wicked Woods, and how she entrapped children from the nearby town by sucking them into an eternal vortex, forcing them to spin on and on for the rest of time. This was the Voodoo Priestess. With a flash, the Voodoo Priestess of Wicked Woods threw a handful of black powder onto the ground, from which sprung an enormous, swirling vortex. The wind churned with a menacing growl, and lightning began to rapidly strike all around them, temporarily blinding the boy.

"Jump in," the Voodoo Priestess yelled over the roaring thunder, "and you shall live forever... Wouldn't you like to?"

Whether or not the boy jumped is still a topic of debate, but what is certain is that he was never seen again. The townspeople say that once darkness falls the air fills with the screams of all those souls spinning for eternity within the Voodoo Vortex. Do you hear it? Wouldn't you like to?

By The Numbers

Chance Rides
Year Introduced
Top Speed
12.5 RPM
90 Seconds
Voodoo Vortex
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

Location in Park: 


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