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Six Flags New England
Six Flags New England
Thrill Capital of New England
Teens riding New England SkyScreamer
Elevated view of New England SkyScreamer

New England SkyScreamer

Enjoy Breathtaking Views From the Tallest Swing Ride on the Planet!

The New England SkyScreamer is the tallest of its kind in the world, lifting you up over 400 feet in the air, swinging you around at an exhilarating 35 miles per hour, and features breathtaking views and stomach-churning spins.

The New England Sky Screamer is the newest landmark of the Six Flags New England skyline. As the tallest swing ride in the world, this record-breaking spinning tower stands over 40 stories above the ground and provides an adrenaline rush like no other. First, you and 23 brave flyers will strap into your open-air seat with your legs dangling above the ground. The New England SkyScreamer starts to swing you around in a circle as you elevate to the very top of the tower to touch the sky, eventually reaching heart-pounding speeds of 40 miles per hour and heights of 400 feet. You’ll be so high up that only the birds will hear you scream.

The ride provides a beautiful panoramic view of the entire park and surrounding areas, including the Connecticut River and New England horizon, before it all whirls around in a blur. When you look down, you see your feet swinging below you and aerial views of all your favorite attractions. You soar around and around with the wind in your hair before coming back down the tower and landing on the ground.

Are you ready to take on this all-new swing? 

Limited time only! Ride New England SkyScreamer BACKWARDS during Fright Fest!

Mayor Slayer invites you high above the park to survey the many areas under his reign.

The zombies of Undead Alley point the way to the tallest swing ride in the world….standing over 400 feet straight into the air, the New England SkyScreamer awaits you! Mayor Slayer has invited you for a special trip to help survey the lands under his reign. And by his command, you must travel in the twisted style that only Mayor Slayer prefers….backwards!

You climb higher and higher. You see the inhabitants of Undead Alley reaching for you to take them along. Soon you see clouds pass your dangling feet. You hear the sounds of the wicked storm brewing nearby. And then as you reach your peak, the view is glorious as you take in all the horrific sights and sounds all the way from Demon District to even the beloved Wicked Woods.

After your breath has been taken away, you return to earth where the Mayor and many more minions await. Don’t waste all your screams on this trip, they’ll want to hear more from you throughout the night.

By The Numbers

Year Introduced
Top Speed
35 MPH
Over 400 Feet
120 Seconds
SkyScreamer Backwards
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

Location in Park: 

North End


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