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SUPERMAN Tower of Power

We’re Not Sure Even SUPERMAN Could Handle This Height

Sure, he can fly over tall buildings, but what about this?! Standing at 230 feet in the air, this mind-blowingly massive steel tower rises over the park. Here’s your chance to fly like SUPERMAN and show the world you can handle taking the ultimate leap.

SUPERMAN’s tower is so sky-scratchingly tall, you’ll earn the respect of a superhero just for daring to ride it.

Strap into your seat, and before you can even say the words “man of steel,” you will be lifted up quickly to a height of 230 feet, the tallest point in the park! People below you grow further and further away as the ride lifts you to a height of 23 stories. When you look down, all you’ll see are your feet dangling in the air and the sheer drop of 230 feet straight beneath you.

As you crest the top, enjoy the view of the park as you wait for what comes next. Don’t get too used to floating like SUPERMAN in the upper atmosphere, because it’s time to do what a drop tower does best—drop!

Trust us, you’ll be happy when those brakes kick in.

By The Numbers

Top Speed
60 mph
230 feet
May 2006
Intamin Rides

What Our Guests Say

  • "This was a great ride. I took my 6 year old daughter... we felt safe, and she loved the "free fall" feeling!"
    - Micheal C. From Columbia, Mo
  • "Get an unbelievable rush sitting at the top waiting to see who drops first."
    - Jill W From Il
  • "You get an unbelievable view of the park, and just about the time you locate your vehicle in the parking lot -- it's like, without any warning, you're falling down from the sky!"
    - Janie T From Collinsville, Il
  • "The weightless thrill of the free fall can only be compared with a bungy jump, or a sky diving experience. Sheer exhileration."
    - Dean F. From St. Louis, Mo
  • "The 23 story free-fall drop on Superman: Tower of Power is the most thrilling experience in the park!"
    - Jeff M From Saint Charles, Mo
Thrill Ride
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

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